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"Not More Anxiety of Money! How and Why Will PLANNING ADVISORS Help him to Improve your Personal Finance..."

Hello and welcome,

My name is Camilo Pinto and I am a certified Financial Planner and publisher of Planning Advisors. And you are reading this page because probably it is interested in
to take control of his financial future.

I am sure that one of the questions that it has is: How is Planning Advisors going to help to improve my personal finance to me? The answer is very simple...

We have created the free publication "My Personal Finance" which target is to share very valuable information that will help him to optimize all the aspects related to the handling of his finance in order to promote it towards a life full of prosperity.

Let's see now a small sample of what it is going to discover in "My Personal Finance".


"Camilo Pinto is an expert in planeacin financier and personal finance. His specialty is to help and to advise the persons to whom they achieve control of his financial future."


How to transform his retirement strategy into a strategy of Libertad Financiera!
To know possibilities of investment in economic vehicles that a few years ago were not within reach of the common and current persons!
To learn on how guaranteeing the university education in institutions of the first order for
his children!
To discover strategies to diminish dramatically the taxes that he has to pay!
How to be prepared for the contingencies that the life brings in the new economy like restructuring of companies, massive dismissals and strong changes of all that that till now we had accepted like normal!
How to assure a retirement with the living conditions for that you wait!
Efficient strategies to have proper housing!
Strategies to be free of debts!
To know simple and powerful programs for the correct administration of the money that enters his pocket.
Protection strategies to take care of his most valuable assets: YOU!
To be provided with planeacin hardware for targets of life like acquisition of vehicle, to mount a proper business, the marriage of a daughter, trips, etc!!!

And that is alone the top of the Iceberg!

"My Personal Finance" there is a digital publication of monthly and COMPLETELY FREE frequency.

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The principal reason of extracting to the public light this electronic bulletin is because from 1999 when I began my studies in personal finance and planeacin financier I realized the importance that for the whole Latin population has the fact of applying the correct beginning of financial planning as it forms to prosper economically.

Especially knowing that one of the motives of why many of the persons of our economies they do not progress, it is because they are not provided with the correct information. More specially, because they have not had access to *principios* correct of planeacin financier, that the individuals who triumph in any economy or market have possessed in a lot of time. Moreover, many people do not even know what is planeacin financier and how they can benefit from her. I am sure that big part of the problem performs information.

Namely they had not had access to this information till now...

The really interesting thing of this is that it gives the possibility to you of knowing and of implementing many of the strategies that several of the very successful persons in this country have applied consistentemente to achieve the quality of life that today they have... and the best thing of everything is that many of these strategies were earlier available only for few ones! For two years I have been suffering in paying those high interest credit card bills and only wished for something better.  I read about a 0 balance transfer credit card and I figured that it is the best solution to my problem.  I could not wait another day to apply for one.

... simply do

I am sure that applying the information that will be at his disposal it will have more and more hardware to take decisions that allow him to take control of his financial future.

Wishing him the biggest financial success,

Camilo Pinto
Certified Financial planner
Planning Advisors

P.D. His personal information is sure with us. We respect his privacy and we never rent or sell our list of subscribers - for no motive.

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