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Possibly you have realized the big value that a bulletin as “Mis ” you have Personal Finance for his life. If this information will help him or it has helped you to take control of his financial future and to achieve a healthier life financially speaking, what better that his friends have also access to she!

But, it is possible that it has the following questions:

Why to recommend my friends?

Because thanks to his valuable recommendation, we will be able to expand a prosperity message to more persons so that the quality of his lives improves. We believe firmly that if we start for achieving that the persons handle beginning and strategies that help them to be individual financially healthy, of that time these persons will be able to crash with his experience to his circle nearby and like that more persons will have more probabilities of being financially healthy and successful.

It is like giving to other persons the opportunity that once you had. After a person recommends us, this one will know that he is you who recommended it and who offered the subscription to My Personal Finance.

 Will the people that I recommend be bombarded by sale offers?

No. Just they will receive an email inviting them to to subscribe. They will decide if they want to subscribe or not. The names of the persons that he recommends (as well as the list of subscribers) is sure with us. We respect his privacy and we will never give either his email, or any information to anybody.

To whom do other subscribers recommend us?

 49 % of the subscribers recommends his coworkers and companions, 43 % recommends his relatives and nearby friends and 8 % recommends his clients.

How many persons can I recommend?

He can recommend to all the persons to want.

What is my following step?

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