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“ Say to me with whom you walk and I will say to you who you are...
Say to me who advises you and I will say to you where you will come... ”

Planning Advisors is a company expert in Personal Planeación Financiera. Financier is provided with a team highly qualified as professionals certified in planeación, trained and qualified to help it to construct a model according to his personal finance.

We help it to organize of integral form his patrimony, his cash flow, his debts, his present and future projects. We advise it in tributary matter, succession to heirs and handling of risks. We know the financial market and can give him the best advice for his investments. Our target is to offer to him an integral service.

Planning Advisors is an exclusive commercial agency of SKANDIA. With more than 7 years of experience and more than 2,400 clients we are the option indicated for the handling of his finance.

Our biggest fortitude takes root in the aptitude to give advice and in the professionalism of our specializing consultants. To be a consultant in planeación financial is much more than a title; it is the precise definition of capacity, experience and knowledge of a person in the complex world of the financial planeación. Not any person who is described to if the same as adviser or offer a financial product he is a consultant in planeación financial. To acquire the competitions of a consultant in planeación financier, a professional had to demonstrate his knowledge on having completed a rigorous education.

Our Consulting Team:

Name: Maria José Samper.

Studies: Civil engineering - Colombian School of Engineering.

Experience: 7 years of experience in planeación personal financier.

Name: Miriam León.

Studies: Right - University of the Andes, Right Commercial University of the Andes.

Experience: 6 years of experience of planeación personal financier.

Name: Camilo Pinto.

Studies: Industrial engineering - University of the Andes, Financial Planning - Florida State University.

Experience: 7 years of experience in planeación personal financier.


Jorge Arenas.

Marine engineering - Naval School Admiral Padilla, Mechanical engineering - Technological University of Bolivar, Industrial Engineering - Technological University of Bolivar.

Experience: 6 years of experience in Personal Planeación Financiera.


Name: Nelson Avila.

Studies: Industrial economics - University of the Andes, Integral Making of Budgets, Incolda.

Experience: 6 years of experience in planeación personal financier.

Name: Hugo Díaz.

Studies: Chemical engineering - National University, Master's degree in Industrial Engineering, Université Catholique of Louvain, Top management London Business School.

Experience: 6 years of experience in planeación personal financier.

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